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Today I spent a happy afternoon
(plus bits of morning) walking all around
the streets of Boston, solving puzzles with
some friends. We four were playing in a game
called DASH (that's Diff'rent Area, Same Hunt).
Our team (STDP) had played in DASH
the first when it was held September last -
this was the second, and we had a ball.

Like then, this hunt consisted of a set
of puzzles, with the first given to all
the teams at once. The answer to
each puzzle lets you figure out the place
which holds the puzzle following. A bit
of walking will ensue in unknown parts
of town. Unlike DASH 1, there was no cost
for taking time to just enjoy the day -
the ranking is on solving time alone.
The sites are clued by numbers on a map
which changes in each city with a hunt;
thus all ten cities shared the puzzles and
the answers, simply walking different ways.
The final place provides a puzzle which
will take as input all the answers of
the hunt - a metapuzzle. Finally
a single answer's given and the teams
relax and chat and eat some food nearby.

I really liked that change - it meant we could
relax and see the sights - some lovely parks,
some fountains too, and, in the BPL,
some murals that were worth the trip alone.

There will be puzzle details in this cut. )

In general I'm very happy with
DASH number two and will be waiting with
impatience for the third one. If you want
to solve or volunteer to help put on
the next one, there is contact info on
the playdash website. Hope to see you there!
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If you (like me) are interested in
the culture of the nations of the "East",
then "Journey to the West" is known to you
as source and inspiration of a bunch
of modern stories, films, and such. But have
you actually read the book itself?
I surely haven't. So I'm glad to see
that David Peterson not only has
but also wrote a nice review in which
he summarizes most of how the book's
100 chapters go. He spent five years
in reading it - glad I don't have to, now.
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(Oh, sure, I'll do blank verse blog week. Why not?)
I just watched Katanagatari 4
(the episode for April/Uzuki).
Beware! There will be spoilers under here! )


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