Genealogy Notes

Oct. 17th, 2017 03:08 pm
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I have plenty of things to write about, but I want to make sure to capture this before I forget about it.

More NODEL Mysteries:

A while back I’d found some interesting info in Kaunas, Lithuania voter registration records from December 1940. Namely, that my grandparents had other people living in their apartment who were almost certainly relatives. Those were Icik and Leja NODEL. I finally got around to doing a bit of digging for them and found their marriage record. It turns out Icik was Icik Leizer, the son of Iser. His mother was Base Leja SAVELOVICH and he was born in Naumiestis in 1910. On 29 August 1937 in Palanga, he married Leja LIKHTER, the daughter of Codik and Beile, born in 1917 in Raseiniai. This all matches the voter registration record, so I can be fairly sure these are the right people.

A bit more searching turned up his brother, Yankel Leib, born 19 January 1912 in Zemaiciu Naumiestis, whose father’s name is given as Sroelis. (Which is really Sroel, once one removes the Lithuanian endings of names.) Yankel Leib married Asne BLIUMBERG (born 1909 to Chackel and Feige in Zemaiciu Naumiestis) on 3 June 1939. Basia Leya shows up with her two sons in a 1915 family list in Zemaiciu Naumiestis, along with a daughter, Sora Dobe, who appears to have been born in 1914. The family fled to Kvedarna / Koinstantinov and the sum of their destroyed property was 907 rubles. I have no idea where that placed them economically at the time. Basia Leya is shown as the head of household. Had Srol / Iser died? Or were they divorced?

So who is Srol / Iser? Those are both nicknames for Izrael. Unfortunately, that leads to lots of confusion. My great-great-grandfather did have a brother named Izrael Ber, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to tie him to Naumiestis. And he never shows up as just Izrael in any records. Moreover, he died in 1925 in Rokiskis and he’d had several children there, during a period that seems to overlap with the births above. So I’m not convinced that’s him. There are other possibilities, but I need more records to prove anything.

My Great-Grandmother's Husbands:

On an entirely different note, I think I have finally sorted out all of my great-grandmother’s marriages. She was born Tsivia BRUSKIN in Daugavpils, Latvia in about 1876. She married:

  1. Shlomo BIKSON in Vilnius on 20 Dece3mber 1895. He died in Vilnius on 12 April 1901 of typhoid fever.

  2. Pinchas NODEL (my great-grandfather) in Vilnius on 11 September 1905. He died in Vilnius on 15 December 1909 of appendicitis.

  3. Rubin SHUB. Not clear exactly when they were married, but they were divorced in Kaunas on 12 May 1929.

  4. Gerson TSESLITSKI in Kaunas on 19 July 1932.

Me Too

Oct. 16th, 2017 02:33 pm
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Unless you have been living in an internet-free bubble for the past 48 hours or so, you probably have seen that posted on facebook and twitter and whatever other social media sites people use nowadays. (I prefer being longwinded, but I do use facebook. Too much, in fact, but that’s another matter.) It refers to (primarily) women posting those words if they have been sexually harassed or assaulted. The idea is to raise awareness of this problem.

I am one of many women who admits to being surprised if any woman could not answer "yes" to having been harassed or assaulted. I’m concerned, though, that just saying that, without including the story, may be inadequate to help others understand.

I’ve been fortunate enough not to be raped. I was once in a situation where I came closer than I was comfortable with and where I still believe a lot of people would have blamed me. The short version is that I was upset about something that had happened with respect to a relationship I was in. Another man, who I thought of as a good friend, offered me a drink and a shoulder to cry on. And then suggested that I should see him as a substitute. He could easily have overpowered me – he was a big guy and I had been drinking. That he didn’t showed that he had some fundamental decency, but his suggestions continued afterwards whenever we saw each other (which circumstances made frequent). I had to go out of my way to make sure we weren’t alone together.

The scariest story is a string of voicemail messages I got over the course of a few months in which a guy threatened to rape and sodomize me. I had my suspicions as to who it was leaving the messages, but couldn’t prove anything. There were various reasons I didn't think the threat could be acted on, but it was still scary.

I can think of another incident during a summer when I was working as a camp counselor and was on duty with another counselor who thought it entertaining to fill the time of our hanging around in between patrols by masturbating in front of me.

Another summer camp incident was when I was about 11 and a couple of older girls (yes, girls) groped me and pulled off my bra. I reported what had happened and they were expelled from camp.

There are countless incidents of catcalls, guys leaving inappropriate photos around (hint: if you have to apologize for the nudie pictures on the ruler on your desk, maybe you should go out and spend a buck or two on an inoffensive ruler. Also, your apologies might be more plausible if you didn’t then throw in comments about "all those coeds always …"), men in certain countries who believe American women are all loose, …

None of these are huge things compared to a lot of the stories I have heard from other people (or, in some cases, witnessed.) But the point is that they’re common and it is bloody exhausting to deal with this crap. And I am also sure I have behaved inappropriately plenty of times myself, because I am a product of my culture.

So, yes, me too.

Pet bunny found, Hodgkins-Curtis park

Oct. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm
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Hey folks, be on the lookout for people searching for their pet bun. This is definitely not one of the wild locals, it's an intahlopah.

Ireland day 12

Oct. 14th, 2017 09:16 am
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Today is mostly a driving day as we go back to the East side of the Island, and just was well as it's another windy and rainy day. We break up the drive with a stop at Rathcroghan, the mother of all fairy mounds and mythical resting place of Medb. We spring for a guided tour and we're the only customers, the guide is excellent and it's definitely worth it as otherwise this place just looks like a hill, he helps envision what it would've looked like when it was a royal site. Our guide points out that the defensive works around the mound face inward rather than outward, so we're pretty sure there's some unspeakable horror trapped under there. Also nearby is the "Cave of Cats", associated with The Morrígan, and which we never would've found without our guide. From there it's on to our final airBnB, which is a house on a pig farm near Drogheda. The house is somewhat creepy too as there's no one there and the place has an unfinished quality to it, but still we get in and there is a comfy bed there. Dinner was in the nearby town of Slane and we got some music too, not trad Irish, but a classic Rock cover band, not bad and we finally get some Johnny Cash, but it's weird hearing someone sing Sweet Home Alabama over here.


Cabbage News Network Week #38

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:53 am
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Friday 10/6
  • U.S. ends sanctions against Sudan (source).

Monday 10/9
  • Results of DJT cuts to ACA enrollment assistance programs (source).

Tuesday 10/10
  • EPA scraps Obama's Clean Power Plan (source).
  • DJT planning executive order to allow health care plan sales across state lines (source).
  • DJT approves disaster declaration for California fires (source).
  • Def Con releases a report on the vulnerabilities of election machines to hacking (source).
  • DJT says he has no plans to fill Federal government vacancies (source).
  • FEC is currently open for public comment on online political advertisement rules (source).

Wednesday 10/11
  • DJT attacks freedom of the press (source).
  • Administration misses deadline for implementing sanctions against Russia (source).

Thursday 10/12

Friday 10/6
  • DJT "decertifies" Iran deal - essentially saying we are not bound by it, but doesn't do anything that actually breaks it (source).

Legislative action this week

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Join the Somerville Planning Department for our second Davis Square Neighborhood Plan fall meeting. During the first meeting, participants identified and discussed various topics they wanted to be addressed in the plan, in the second meeting we will focus on three of those topics: Proactive Maintenance of Assets, Arts in the Square, and Housing Affordability. Participants, planners, and experts will brainstorm strategies on how to achieve these shared goals through broad-based collaboration between the city, local non-profits, residents, community partners, and businesses.

Thursday, October 19, 6 pm, in the Baptist Church at 31 College Avenue

To learn more about the Davis Square Neighborhood plan go to

If you have any questions about the event please contact us at

Davis Square new restaurants

Oct. 12th, 2017 02:04 pm
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Kor Tor Mor (former Golden Light location) is ready to open; the owner posted yesterday on Facebook that they're waiting for inspection and expect it to take another 2-3 weeks.

Mortadella Head (former Deli-icious location) is still under renovation but has been posting photos of sandwiches on Instagram.

Anybody know what's going on with the former Subway location? It's been well over a year since Chef Nookie announced the development of that spot into some kind of cafe/coffeehouse, and there's been no work on the place since, and he hasn't posted to any social media since 2016.

airplane noise meeting

Oct. 12th, 2017 08:05 am
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Boston West Fair Skies (BWFS) will hold its quarterly meeting Thursday November 2nd in Belmont.

BWFS works towards redistributing airplane noise more fairly among our communities.

Thursday November 2nd, 2017
7:00 - 8:30 P.M.
Belmont Public Library
336 Concord Ave

We are a citizens grassroots organization which includes Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville, Watertown and Winchester – all communities affected by the increased airplane noise due to the implementation of 33L RNAV (using GPS) departures at Boston Logan Airport. The quarterly meeting location rotates to different towns.

BWFS is fighting for a more equitable distribution of airplane noise. Since our creation in 2013 we have made good progress with officials at the state and national level. We are hoping that Boston Logan will soon be the first airport selected by the FAA to have RNAV departure procedures re-evaluated. Everyone affected by the increased airplane noise is strongly encouraged to join the fight.

Please join us! All are welcome!

Kathryn Klosky Howlett
Communications Chair

More info at:
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Just got this email from Somerville:

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 22:20:51 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: TRAFFIC ALERT: Powderhouse Rotary, Area Closed to Traffic Thurs. PM, Fri. AM

This is a message from the Somerville, MA Community Alert System.

Hello, this is Jackie Rossetti from the City of Somerville with
important traffic & parking information related to the funeral services
and procession for Somerville Police Officer Luis Remigio, which are
expected to cause significant traffic closures and delays in the
vicinity of Ball Square, Powderhouse Rotary, and West Somerville on
Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.
For public safety, and to accommodate the several thousand people
expected to pay their respects over the next two days, vehicle traffic
will be detoured away from the Powderhouse Rotary between 2 and
approximately 8 p.m. on Thursday, and 10 a.m. and approximately 1 p.m.
on Friday.
A detour plan is detailed below [and available at], however we strongly advise that
motorists avoid the Powderhouse Rotary area during funeral services if
at all possible.
We are heartbroken at the loss of one of our finest officers, and we
sincerely thank you for your patience during this difficult time for
our community.
College Avenue, Northbound
Traffic detoured onto Kidder Ave, Willow Ave, Broadway, and Boston Ave.
College Avenue, Southbound
Traffic detoured onto Dearborn Ave, Boston Ave, and Broadway
Broadway, Westbound
Traffic detoured right, onto Boston Ave.
Broadway, Eastbound
Traffic detoured onto Wallace St, Holland St, Grove St, and College Ave
Warner Street, Southbound
Traffic detoured on Boston Ave to Broadway
Powderhouse Blvd, Eastbound
Traffic detoured on Packard Ave, Broadway, Wallace St, Holland St,
Grove St, and College Ave

Dzur through Iorich

Oct. 11th, 2017 02:01 pm
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The Great Big Dragaera Reread, part 5

VALLISTA HAS SHIPPED! *happydance* Guess I'll have to keep cracking on these. SUCH HARDSHIP.

It's interesting to move from "books I've reread so many times they're like old friends I've not seen in awhile" through "books I know pretty well and enjoy getting reacquainted with" and on into "books I like a lot but don't know as well as I could, or as I think I do."

Klava, Dzur, Jhegaala, Iorich )
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Celebrity Death Watch: Vladimir Voevodsky was a mathematician. Tom Alter was in over 300 Bollywood films. Ralphie May was a comedian. Joseph Schmitt designed spacesuits for the earliest astronauts. Nora Johnson wrote The World of Henry Orient. Armando Calderon Sol was the first president of El Salvador after their civil war. Edna Dummerth played for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Connie Hawkins was a basketball player, whose career included the Harlem Globetrotters and the Phoenix Suns, among others. Herve Leroux was a fashion designer.

Embassy of Romania: Thursday night I went to a dinner at the Embassy of Romania, which was cosponsored by the MIT Club of Washington and the Harvard Club. You can tell events organized by the latter because they tend to be less organized. The ambassador talked about the history of Romania and was reasonably interesting, but the sound system was terrible. The buffet was quite good – a few types of dips, rice, vegetables, chicken, stuffed cabbage, mamaliga (i.e. polenta), and tiramisu and some sort of strudel-like things for dessert. It was a nice enough event, but I prefer there being tables to sit at when eating.

United Catering Operations: On Friday evening, I flew to Denver to go to a Frequent Flyer Giving event involving a tour of United Catering Operations. My flight out to Denver got delayed by a mechanical problem, so I didn’t get in until 11 at night and it took another half hour to get to my hotel. Fortunately,, the tour was worth it. We had to wear lab coats (personalized with our names, so we got to keep them) and hair nets. We went through various coolers and food preparation areas. United also caters for Frontier Airlines, British Air, Icelandair, as well as preparing food for the deli department at King Sooper and for the Air Force Academy. We had activities at some stations. For example, I put bread out on a conveyor belt for sandwich making for King Sooper and sliced cucumbers for a salad in the test kitchen. There were also trivia questions along the way, with chocolate coins as prizes. At the end, we got a tasty lunch (including rare bison on crostini, a salad with pears and acai and pomegranate dressing, a very tasty steak with asparagus, and triple mousse cake for dessert). There was also a charity auction, but I am trying to downsize. They gave everyone swag bags with a small Polaris pillow (which they discontinued because buttoning the pillowcase was too slow a process) and a couple of amenity kits. Then it was back to the airport and my flight home, which got in a half hour early. Overall, a fun but exhausting trip.

The Mistress Cycle: On Sunday afternoon, I went to see this show at Creative Cauldron. It’s more of a song cycle than a conventional musical, since there is a very minimal book. The piece tells the stories of five women, at different times and places in history. Ching (a composite character) was a 14-year old concubine in 12th-century China. Diane de Poitiers was the mistress of King Henri II in 16th-century France. Lulu White was forced into sex work at the age of 13 but went on to become a successful madam and the richest woman in New Orleans at the end of the 19th century. Anais Nin was the 20th century French writer of erotica. And Tess Walker was a composite of a modern 30-something woman.

I have some qualms about treating all of those characters as mistresses. I’d argue that there is a difference between the choices that some of the women (notably Anais Nin) made and being sold as a concubine. I also wish that the music had been more varied. Lulu White did get bluesy numbers (perfect for the vocal talents of Iyona Blake, who played that role) and Ching’s solos (especially "One in a Line") had a distinctive voice (and were well-performed by Justine Icy Moral), but the rest of the songs were a bit monotonous. That’s a pity since the performers were all quite good. Erica Clare was very expressive as Tess, so I wish she had had more interesting songs to sing. I thought the show was provocative and worth seeing, but the score didn’t excite me.

MIT School of Engineering Reception: Finally, Sunday night was a reception at the Willard for the MIT School of Engineering, in honor of selectees to the National Academy of Engineering. The food was pretty good (especially the desserts) and the conversation was lively and intelligent. The main talk had to do with increasing diversity in STEM. Overall, it was a pleasant evening out.
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​Theatre@First takes the stage this weekend with six brand new short plays to raise money for hurricane disaster relief!

Giving@First: A 24-Hour Play Festival for Hurricane Relief
Saturday, October 14th at 8pm
Suggested Donation $20

Giving@First is a one-night-only festival of short plays that will be created from page to stage within a 24-hour period. Our talented team of more than 20 writers, directors, and actors will scramble overnight and all day long to create a full festival from scratch! This play-in-a-day event will be a unique experience to see live theatre that is fun, frantic, unforgettable, and for an important cause!

All donations and sales collected at this event will be given to Americares' Hurricane Disaster Relief efforts, which directly aids survivors of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. For every $10 they receive, Americares provides $200 in aid. Help us make a difference in the lives of those in need.

To learn more about Americares and their work, visit their website,

For more information about Giving@First, visit

Ireland day 11

Oct. 10th, 2017 10:30 pm
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Today we visit the Cliffs of Morer, heading out early in an attempt to beat the crowds and rain forecast for the day, which is successful, still quite a few people there, but they aren't mobbed - the cliffs are damn impressive in person, it's very windy though so we don't stay super long. I had thoughts of trying to visit the less touristy southern end of the Cliffs, but with the wind and rain think better of it. We do stop at a sacred well and shrine to St. Brigid and offer up some prayers.

From there we do a drive through the Burren area - a region of mostly exposed rock making for a somewhat alien looking landscape - though it's greener than I was expecting, as the rocks are dissected by gaps that usually have stuff growing in them. In the center of the region is the Poulnabrone dolmen, an iconic looking tomb. It would be a fascinating landscape to wander around in, but sadly the wind and rain stay with us, so we don't stay out long - eating out planned picnic in the car, supplemented by a stop at a crepery in Ballyvaughan. On the way back to the B&B we drive through more Burren area and make a stop at the ruined Gleninagh Castle down a very rough little road, but we have the place to ourselves, situated where the Burren meets the sea. Dinner is back at the same pub as yesterday.


where the week/end went

Oct. 10th, 2017 02:46 pm
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Last week my boss Clare was in town (she's normally in London), and Wednesday turned out to be Team Outing Day. Dim sum at Kirin downtown (fancy, tasty, not the best dim sum I've had but quite good), followed by an escape room at which we did not embarrass ourselves even though we didn't make it out, followed by drinks.

That turned out to be Too Much Social for me, so instead of going to a stranger-ful munch like I'd planned I just went home. Unquestionably the right decision, even if I regret having had to miss meeting new people.

Meanwhile, on Friday I got a gum graft.

cut for potential squick )

On Sunday I caught what will probably be my only VIFF movie of the year, Bad Genius. It's a Thai film about cheating on exams, and it was fun and tense and enjoyable to watch. I'm not super fond of the redemptionist ending but I'm not sure what sort of ending I would have preferred, so there's that.

I miss complex movies. This one wasn't super complex but it kept me entertained and kept me thinking. Maybe I'll try to make it out to another VIFF movie tomorrow, or more likely Thursday.

Graze Box #34

Oct. 10th, 2017 11:15 am
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I have another political rant (or maybe two) to write, as well as a rundown of things I have been doing. But, first, the snack reviews.

Thai Sweet Chili Dippers:This consists of soy and rice crackers with a sweet chili sauce. It has 83 calories. It’s hard to tell from memory, but I think they have made this less sweet and a little spicier. If that isn’t my imagination, it’s an improvement. The crackers have a nice crunch and are just bland enough that a sweet chili sauce works with them.

Graze’s Grilled Cheese: This is a mix of sweet mustard breadsticks, cheddar bruschetta, and smoked almonds. It has 120 calories. It’s good mix of flavors, without any one of the components really dominating it. I’m not a big cheese person, but I still like this.

Lemon Drizzle Flapjack: This is a typical Graze flapjack, i.e. a soft oaten granola bar, with a lemon yogurt drizzle. It has 240 calories. It’s a pretty filling snack, so worth the calories. And it is absolutely delicious – one of my very favorites. I particularly like that the flavor is decidedly lemony. Yum.

Hickory Smoked BBQ (new): This is a mixture of barbecue peas, hickory smoked almonds, and roasted corn. It has 150 calories and 5 grams of protein. I liked both the crunch and the flavor – and, particularly, that it wasn’t salty. There are, however, other savory snacks I like better.

Raspberry & Coconut Muffin: This is a mix of raspberry-infused cranberries, almond slivers, amaretti drops, and coconut flakes. It has 149 calories. It’s best to eat all of the components together, especially since the raspberry-infused cranberries are so awesome, while the rest are rather more ordinary.

Wholesome Honey Nuts (new): This is a mixture of caramelized honey cashes, pumpkin seeds, and baked salted peanuts. It has 200 calories and 6 grams of protein. The honey cashews are amazingly good. The other ingredients are fairly ordinary, but the idea is o eat all of the components together. Very nice.

Chocolate Pretzel Dipper: This consists of a chocolate hazelnut dipper with lightly salted pretzel sticks to dip into it. It has 140 calories. I’ve gotten this a lot of times and continue to like it. It’s not particularly virtuous as snacks go, but sometimes one wants to have something sweet and the portion control helps a lot.

Vitamin E Defense: This has roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins, and dried cranberries. It has 190 calories. It’s not especially exciting, but is perfectly fine as a trail mix sort of thing goes.

... thanks?

Oct. 9th, 2017 09:47 pm
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I don't even know what to say.

I'm thankful for Erin, for my friends, for having a place to live and a job that pays me and isn't destroying my body or soul. I'm thankful that I have the space to sort out what I'm looking for and what I'm doing. I'm thankful that we (I) (we) can start the citizenship application process, that the timeline has been moved up by a year.

I'm thankful that I had the day off, and that I could choose to spend some of it helping a new person pack for moving. And I'm thankful that I'm together enough that I could see warning signs and be wary of further entanglement with that person.

I miss Emily, and my kittens (*sniffle*), and a space that's mine with all my stuff in. I miss Erin though that at least solves itself every few weeks.

I guess I'm thankful that I can feel that.

I'm thankful that I'm still here, ultimately.

Ireland day 10

Oct. 9th, 2017 07:17 pm
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A foggy, rainy day - we had planned on going over the Conor Pass, but decide not to on account of the weather figuring it'll just be fogged in anyway. Today is mostly a driving day, we do our mid-day break in Limerick visiting St. John's Castle. The visitor center is way more extensive than we were expected, but then this castle has seen more action than most going through 2 sieges in the English civil war and 2 in the Williamite war, and there is also a neat section on the archeology done there including the uncovering of Viking ruins under the castle. And across the bridge from the castle is a cafe with excellent hot chocolate, perfect for a cold and rainy day.

From there we continue on towards our next B&B, stopping in Kilfenora for a visitor center for the Burren area which we'll see more of tomorrow. Also here is Kilfenora Cathedral with the remains of several high crosses to take a look at. From there Google manages to take us on the narrowest road possible to get to our B&B, fortunately no one else is crazy enough to be on this road so we don't have to do any passing. More fantastic views from the B&B which is right on the coast with the Aran islands across the bay from us. Dinner is a walk down to the local pub for some very tasty food.


Ireland day 9

Oct. 9th, 2017 02:55 pm
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Dingle is also known for its friendly resident dolphin, this morning we do a short hike around the edge of the bay to see if Fungie will oblige us, and are pleased to report that he did! After waving to the dolphin we head out on the Slea Head Drive around the end of the peninsula. We stop to take a look at an iron age fort and there should be views of Skellig Michael (aka Luke Skywalker's island), but alas it is too foggy for that. We do get some nice views of the Blasket Islands and stop at the visitor center for them. Now uninhabited they were of interest to anthropoligists as they were home to one of the last purely Irish speaking populations - and they encouraged the islanders to write about themselves before they had to abandon the islands. Also viewable in this area are traces from the great famine, abandoned houses and fields. Continuing on the drive we also visit several early church sites: Reask, the Gallarus Oratory, and Kilmalkedar. Having completed the loop quicker than planned we stop in Dingle's aquarium, which is much larger than it appears from the outside. We enjoy watching the penguins and otters especially. Dinner is at the South Pole Inn, founded by Antarctic explorer Tom Crean, who was a certified BAMF. The evening is more traditional music, this time at An Droichead Beag. We didn't like the bar quite as much as the Courthouse, but the music was excellent and we were in a better spot for hearing them. I should be able to add some clips later.


Ireland day 8

Oct. 9th, 2017 01:30 pm
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One more circle on our way out, Ardgroom, which we skipped yesterday because there aren't any signs for it, but our host knew where it was and draws us a map, which we never would've found it otherwise - and it's a very nice circle, in better shape than Cashelkeelty and similarly beautiful views - also more walking on sponge, my shoes are soaked afterwards. From there we leave Beara and head towards Killarney with a drive through the National Park. This is also the closest we get to the Ring of Kerry, which we're skipping, but we can see the mountains. We stop for a short hike to Torc waterfall which was quite impressive, and then continue on to the town of Killarney for lunch and an obligatory stop at their Hobbit-themed pub. From there on to our next B&B in Dingle. A couple of photo stops along the way at Inch Beach and Minard Castle. Dinner is some most excellent seafood at the Marina Inn. Dingle is known for its traditional live music scene and it does not disappoint. It's a frickin' Monday night and you can just walk down the street hearing the music coming out of the pubs, every one of them full. We stop in the Courthouse pub and claim a spot at the bar for lovely evening of excellent music (including being amused at the drunk Ravens fan, you can take a guy out of Baltimore . . .).


Ireland day 7

Oct. 9th, 2017 12:01 pm
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Thankfully the weather has cleared up, we're going to find some stone circles. First up is Cashelkeelty, which takes a bit of a hike to get to, first through a bit of primordial feeling forest which I imagine is what much of Ireland used to be like (it wasn't always lots of wide open spaces, it got that way by a systematic deforestation effort by the English, the bastards), and the a bit along the Beara Way, a long distance trail around the entire peninsula. The way is rather muddy from yesterday's rains, the fields are not nearly as solid as one would like - it's sort of like walking on a sponge. We do make to the circle though, not all that much left to it, but a beautiful site. After that a drive up Healy Pass in the center of the peninsula for more stunning views and a stop for a picnic lunch.

For the afternoon we head to Uragh which has a somewhat harrowing drive to get to, but a much shorter walk. It is very cool, a tiny little circle, just 5 stones placed close together, mostly intact - and again in a stunning setting. We do have to share it with some other folks doing their communing with the spirits thing, and I do think this is the one that we feel the most spiritual mojo at. One the way back we stop at a little ruined church and cemetery, these seem to be everywhere over here, and then at a dockside pub in the middle of nowhere that was recommended by some fellow tourists and have some amazingly fresh mussels. Back to the B&B, late dinner in the nearby town of Eyeries.



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