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I just finished reading Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. As the world goes to hell in the 2040s, a billionaire exactly my age gives his inheritance to whoever can learn enough 1980s trivia and puzzle-solving/game-playing skill to find the easter egg hidden in the MMO that ate the internet. A real '80s movie of a book, with humor and danger and romance. Recommended.

Here be spoilers and complaints. )
I'd be interested in hearing other people's thoughts on it (and will probably go searching for reviews now).
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In Stanislaw Lem's book The Cyberiad, the main characters are two constructors, almost-omnipotent robots in a posthuman world. In their sixth sally, they are captured by the pirate Pugg, a robot with a head covered in eyes who has an insatiable hunger for information. He demands they tell him everything they know before he releases them.

To defeat him, they create a Demon of the Second Kind, which lets only true facts out of a random data source. Pugg starts reading with gusto, only to soon realize that most of these facts are totally useless. At first he hopes that great secrets of the universe will be related at any moment, but soon he is buried in information which his many eyes can't help but take in (as the heroes sneak away).

I was naturally reminded of my current information-acquisition tactics - twitter, lj/dw, rss feeds, etc. There's a lot of good information there but plenty of useless nonsense too. I need to remember to filter agressively, lest I end up crushed under a mountain of facts like the Pirate Pugg.
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If you (like me) are interested in
the culture of the nations of the "East",
then "Journey to the West" is known to you
as source and inspiration of a bunch
of modern stories, films, and such. But have
you actually read the book itself?
I surely haven't. So I'm glad to see
that David Peterson not only has
but also wrote a nice review in which
he summarizes most of how the book's
100 chapters go. He spent five years
in reading it - glad I don't have to, now.


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